SUMMERTIME FINE - Tier 2 - June 2024 - Workout & Stretch Calendar

SUMMERTIME FINE - Tier 2 - June 2024 - Workout & Stretch Calendar

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It’s time to build muscle and get stronger! This is our program calendar and stretch calendar for Tier 2 of Summertime Fine which will give you information about workouts we will complete in the month of June 2024. Our program provides you with 5 workouts per week that will target different muscle groups and training intentions to help you develop strength, lean muscle, and lose body fat. We will utilize muscle-specific and movement-pattern-specific resistance training to force your body to adapt to new challenges. Tier 2 workouts will focus on building strength in and building lean muscle to boost your metabolism to reveal tone and definition! 

Each workout will include a warm up and cool down so you get a complete workout experience in one video with your trainer. We will have a great amount of variety in the format of each workout with straight sets, supersets, circuits, drop sets, isometric holds, compound movements, muscle isolation exercises, and most importantly, progressive overload. 

In addition to our workouts you will receive a stretch calendar suggesting a stretch video from the channel to accompany each workout. Make time in your day to actively work on your mobility with these stretches and actively work on your mobility by moving your body at least once an hour. The biggest aid in workout mobility is trying to prevent long durations of time in a seated or sedentary position so try to think of this program as promoting movement daily outside of the workouts as well. 

So please join me for these next 30 days of workouts suitable for all levels of fitness with post-workout motivation chats to keep your mind right in this journey too. I am honored to be your trainer and the only thing I ask in return is your full dedication to this process.

NOW is your time! It’s time to TURN UP FOR TIER 2! 

NOTICE: This is nothing more than a calendar schedule showing what the workouts will be for JUNE 2024 on the Sydney Cummings Houdyshell YouTube channel. As this is a digital product there are no refunds.

HOW TO ACCESS YOUR CALENDAR: Immediately after your purchase, you will be able to access the download link in your purchase confirmation and you will also receive a purchase confirmation email that contains another calendar download link. **Please ensure that you enter your email address correctly and also check your spam folder if you do not see your calendar immediately after purchase.** If you are downloading this calendar to your phone on iOS software, please note opening your calendar will open up your safari browser. Click the blue download arrow in the top right corner of this browser window to access your download to open the calendar.

Want access to weekly lives with Sydney and a community of support in your journey?

Join the Sydney Squad, where you get this calendar FREE, access to daily accountability, extra challenges, learn nutrition and how to eat to help your progress with the workouts, go live with Sydney multiple times per week, listen in to outside specialists that go live in the group, and much more!

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