DRIVE - February 2024 - Workout & Stretch Calendar

DRIVE - February 2024 - Workout & Stretch Calendar

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It’s time to put your hard work into overdrive to get the results you want in our newest program, DRIVE! This is your workout program calendar for the next 4 weeks where together with your personal trainer you will use DRIVE, determination, and consistency to see insane progress. In this strength and conditioning program, I will be sweating and moving weights with you while making sure you are held accountable. I will show up for you with 5 brand new workouts a week, all you have to do is press play and give it your all.

This program is for you if you are trying to lose body fat, get stronger, and feel more powerful in your fitness journey! By incorporating a touch of cardio into our strength training, we will not only boost your metabolism as we build strength, but also help you lose body fat as you get fit and move with more intention. I know you want to see changes and feel them as well, which is why DRIVE is going to be the program that brings it home for you. Motivation will come and go but as long as you keep your DRIVE ALIVE, you will see results!

What can you anticipate with DRIVE? Five brand new workouts each week, spanning four weeks, designed to keep you on track with varying workout formats. Expect each week to present the same muscle/cardio focus, but with progressively challenging formats and a specific focus on glutes, shoulders, and abs strength this month. Treat each workout as a unique challenge, not just a box to check off. Stay present, DRIVE harder than ever before, and leave each session knowing you gave it your all. We're here to sweat, breathe intentionally, move with purpose, and feel the burn. Make every rep count – increase weight/intensity when possible, and decrease when needed!

While I've previously emphasized "just showing up," let's be honest – perhaps you've been "just showing up" and operating on a minimal effort for too long. Consistency is crucial, but immediately after that, you can't consistently show up on an empty tank and expect optimal results. If this resonates with you, take a moment to evaluate where you might be falling short – is it sleep, stress, fulfillment, nutrients, or hydration? Only you can identify this, and true change comes from addressing these factors. Your success stems not from perfect workouts but from a consistent commitment to yourself, ensuring your workout time is ALL OUT FOR YOU, not pouring from an empty cup time.

I'm here to demonstrate that with effort and determination, you can achieve your goals. Your journey is in your hands, and defining your objectives is crucial to staying dedicated. Research indicates that finding joy in the process is a key indicator of success. Push yourself, celebrate small victories, and let's make this month nothing short of amazing! Tap in, turn up – it's time for your DRIVE!

Mobility is crucial for your  healthy body, so we've linked a 20-minute stretch video from the channel for you to follow daily. Access your daily stretch video by clicking on the stretch bar corresponding to the day of the week. Take your mobility seriously; it will help you stay injury-free and get the most out of your workouts.

Lastly, ensure you're subscribed to the Sydney Cummings Houdyshell YouTube channel and give each video a thumbs-up when you crush your workout. Share the workouts with your friends and family; we are on a mission to grow our community this year, and I know we can change so many lives together in 2024!

NOTICE: This is nothing more than a calendar schedule showing what the workouts will be for FEBRUARY 2024 on the Sydney Cummings Houdyshell YouTube channel. As this is a digital product there are no refunds.

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Join the Sydney Squad, where you get this calendar FREE, access to daily accountability, extra challenges, learn nutrition and how to eat to help your progress with the workouts, go live with Sydney multiple times per week, listen in to outside specialists that go live in the group, and much more!

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